My first memory – MEPS

I’ll never forget the night my parents dropped me off at the hotel in Lansing, MI.  The hotel lobby had a huge double staircase like one of those big Southern homes in Gone With the Wind.  I said my goodbye’s to everyone, including my future wife and walked back to my room with my Dad.  He walked me into the room and handed me a card.  All of a sudden, I started and couldn’t stop crying.  I remember feeling very thankful for his well-wishes and that combined with the sudden realization that this was it – I was leaving home for the first long-term time was emotionally overwhelming.  After my Dad left to head back to the car I was all alone.  There was no one in the room except me.  I don’t remember watching any TV but I remember being completely ignorant to what I was supposed to be doing.  Was I supposed to go check in with someone?  Was I just supposed to go to bed?  Who would wake me up in the morning?  Where was I supposed to go when I got up the next morning?  Oh well.  I figured I’d try to get some sleep.  I had been asleep only a few hours when all of a sudden around 2 in the morning, someone was coming into my room!  He was all loud, banging his luggage all around, either completely oblivious to the fact I was in the room or he just didn’t care.  It was my roommate for that night.  We exchanged pleasantries and he plopped onto his bed, threw off his shoes and clicked on the TV.  I guess I was staying up for a while. 🙂

I just got chills watching this video: What happens at MEPS